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High Pressure Cleaners

This catalog includes information on:

Semi-professionals Cold Water, Electrical Professional 1,500 R.P.M Cold Water, Autonomous gasoline KOHLER Cold Water, Autonomous gasoline. HONDA Cold Water, Autonomous Stationary Gasoline HONDA / KOHLER Cold Water, Autonomous diesel LOMBARDINI / KOHLER Cold Water, Stationary diesel Autonomous LOMBARDINI / KOHLER Cold Water, PTO TRACTOR, STAINLESS Cold Water – Hot and Steam, Electric Hot ACZ Series and Series KON – ACA – ACH, Autonomous gasoline HONDA / KOHLER Hot Water, Autonomous Diesel.

LOMBARDINI / KOHLER Hot water, Electric and hydraulic motor pump groups, High-pressure and high-flow motor pump sets, complete fogging-cooling equipment, Special machines, Piston pumps UDOR, Piston pumps HAWK-LEUCO, Piston pumps INTERPUMP, Pistols, Lances and accessories. Pressure, by-pass and safety regulating valves, Detergent injectors and injectors, Brushes – Foaming lances – Dishwashers – Rotating arms, Accessories Valves – nozzles – Nozzle holder, Nozzle selection table, High pressure nozzles and variable angle. Nozzles, TURBO nozzles and assorted nozzles, pipe cleaners, quick couplings, rotating fittings – accumulators, high pressure fittings. Fixed installations, Manometers – Thermal protection, Regulator rotation – Solenoid valves, Rotary heads and robots, Multipliers and special couplings, High pressure hoses, Reels, Electrical components. ACA and ACH Hot Water Boilers, ACA and ACH Hot Water Boiler Exploration, Water Filters – Components – Wheels, UDOR repair kits, HAWK-LEUCO repair kits, INTERPUMP repair kits, Valve Repair Kit – By-pass.

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Catalog of high pressure cleaners


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