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Gasoline pumps, honda-sumec, self-priming clean waters, honda-koshin, moto pumps sumec gasoline, dirty water. Self-priming flow liquid and similar fertilizers, high-pressure gas pump 2 turbine pumps, self-priming flow, self-priming high pressure, dirty self-priming water. Centrifuges – Medium Pressure – Drip – Mechanical Closure, High Pressure Centrifuges – Drip – Spray, Centrifuges – High Pressure – Sprinkler Irrigation – Mechanical Closing, Centrifuges – High Pressure – Sprinkler Irrigation – Stove Press. Centrifuges – Very High Pressure for Large Elevations, lombardini centrifugal pumps, lombardini diesel motor pumps. Diesel or gasoline equipment, kohler, caprari, lombardini, honda sumec, deutz. Possibility of customized equipment, consult other flows and benefits.

Group options: MB 2022 EN QRSlow trailer, protection canopy, priming sets, 2nd power take-off, solenoid, trolleys and benches, batteries, battery cables, frames, other equipment could support bearings. Elastic coupling Complete diesel engine with liquids and industrial silencer. Motor + pump option: Pump motor assembly mounted Electrical panel according to model. Battery cables Bench option: Chassis in profile of welded steel and polyester paint in the oven. Battery and wiring set. Chassis with integrated tank. Electric siphon with alarm and clock. Hour Counter stop of motor by low pressure oil, high temperature, battery charge, Stop button. Automatic Nano box. Manual start by contact key. Manual and automatic start by voltage free contact. RPM reading, oil pressure, temperature, battery charge, hour count, water pump pressure (Optional), Fuel level, Stop by low pressure oil, high temperature, battery charge, low pressure water pump (Optional), low fuel level ( In equipment with deposit).

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